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Welcome to the Kindergarten „Children´s Luck“ - Educational organization for supporting small- and schoolchildren!

Main focuses
Following the kindergarten education of “Montessori” and other important founders. Education of language, creative and graphical design, physical education and musical education are some of the main focuses.

Indoor: Lamp party, St. Nicholas celebration, Advent celebration, X-MAS Party, carnival party, Easter nest-party, summer party in the garden, Birthday-Party. Outdoor: Ice-skating, Theatre and Museum visits, excursions and outings.

  • Crawling room

    In our crawling room we are taking care of children starting at the age of 11 months. Here the smallest are collecting their first experiences in the kindergarten. We sing, do handicraft work, dance and of course we do gymnastics. Further the kids do have the opportunity for playing their own games either in their own group room or outside. A lot of possibilities for activities are being offered to the kids. This is due to the variety of the different materials that are being used which support the development of their personality and promote the idea of independence. Further it stimulates their creativity and fantasy.


    Family group

    In the family group we daily take care of the 3 to 6 year-old kids, whereby depending on their age, they are being separated in different age groups. As a result the social contact among the children is being promoted in a special way. Younger children are profiting from the elderly while on the other hand the older ones learn to take care of the younger children. Through this effort the social competence of all age groups is being promoted intensively. The preparation for the school is being guaranteed through the pre-school education and also with the huge offer of education in the kindergarten.


  • Information

    How can I get to the Kindergarten located in the Koppstraße 67 / 2-5, 1160 Vienna?

    Very easy! I can walk, take the line 9 or 46 and with the bus 48A.


    The opening hours are

    Monday – Thursday: 06:30 – 17:30

    Friday: 06:30 – 16:30



    I can reach the Kindergarten with:

    Phone: 01 4924393

    Mobile: 0664 1512199

    E-Mail: claudia_fabian@gmx.at


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